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"Local Breakfast Box"

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There's nothing like a traditional English Breakfast to start the day, and even better when the ingredients are sourced locally. Packed full of delicious meat, this is the perfect way to get ready for the day ahead. Your box includes:

6 Pork Sausages - From Burlingham or Fladbury Butchers
1 Ib of Bacon* - From Willersley
1 Loaf of Bread* - From either Lawrence's or Drapers Bakeries
6 Eggs - From Bidford
500g of Tomatoes - Locally Sourced
200g of Mushrooms - Locally Sourced

* Smoked bacon and brown bread available on request, please indicate your preference on checkout.

The "traditional" full English breakfast, treated as a dish rather than a meal, includes bacon (traditionally back bacon), fried, poached or scrambled eggs, fried or grilled tomatoes, fried mushrooms, fried bread or buttered toast, and sausages (also known as "bangers"). Black pudding, baked beans, and bubble and squeak are also often included. In the North Midlands, fried or grilled oatcakes sometimes replace fried bread. The food is traditionally served with tea or coffee, as well as fruit juices.

As nearly everything is fried in this meal, it is commonly known as a "fry-up". As some of the items are optional, the phrase "full English breakfast", or "full English" (or "Full Monty") often specifically denotes a breakfast including everything on offer. The latter name became popular after World War II after British Army general Bernard Montgomery (nicknamed Monty) was said to have started every day with a full English breakfast when in the campaign in North Africa.[14]

Breakfast cereal often precedes the meal, and it concludes with buttered toast spread with marmalade, honey, or other conserves.

Alternative main dishes are kippers, kedgeree (now rare), and devilled kidneys (also rare). In grand houses and hotels in the 19th century, small game birds such as snipe and woodcock might be offered, as well as a variety of cold meats.